Janel A Sealy Smith

Meet award winning Janel Sealy Smith, celebrity hair sculptor, innovator, and educator.


Accomplished, Award-Winning Hair Sculptor. A little over 20 years ago, Janel took the industry by storm using her hair and cosmetology talents as a canvas for redefining beauty and transforming lives. Her exquisite styling has been featured in top magazines such as Essence, Ultimate Weaves & Extensions, Black Passion, Mazza, Brides, ESPN, Step by Step, and Brooks Brothers. She’s known for styling hair for major music videos such as Trey Songz “Say Ahh” and John Legend’s “Wake Up Everybody”. She has also styled for television shows, film, and New York Fashion Week shows. Some of her famous clientele include Dawn Richards, Cheri Denis, Vivian Green, America’s Next Top Model’s Bree, and Regina Bell. Her TV celebrity status was taken up a notch when she was cast as a featured stylist on BET’s hair styling series Tears, Shears, & Beauty.
Technique Innovator. Heard of puzzle cutting and J-Factor weaving? Janel’s mastery of the art of weaving and cutting resulted in the creation of her innovative hair styling techniques that stylists around the world are using, imitating and replicating on their clients. Her awards and accomplishments in the hair sphere include winning multiple Fantasy styling competitions including the Milky Way Battle of the Champions competition at Bronner Bros 2010.
Booming Entrepreneur. Even with being so busy, Janel finds the time to run two successful hair businesses. Janel owns the Cocoa Mane Salon in Brooklyn, New York that provides customers with quality styling, weaving, and treatment services. She also created the brand JASS Product Line (www.jassproductline.com). JASS products consist of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, serums, sprays, and styling tools that are enriched with natural oils such as Keratin, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, and other vitamins that strengthen and nourish the hair. The brand was inspired by cancer survivor clients and friends who wanted all-natural healthy products that were green-friendly and could help them restore and maintain healthy hair.
Leader and Educator. With her trusted expertise in editorial styling, hair and beauty companies call on Janel when looking to start or expand their product lines. She has worked with leading hair companies such as Janet Collections, Model Model, Sensual, and Sensationnel as a consultant and stylist. Her creativity and visionary styling process have helped brands execute successful marketing campaigns. On the educational front, Hair & Beauty trade shows such as Bronner Bros, Premiere, and I.H.S have all sought Janel to lead panel discussions and teach workshops on emerging and existing hair trends. Janel also offers instructional hair styling DVDS to her fans worldwide so they can learn tricks of the trade on their own time.
Philanthropist. Every successful business woman should find ways to give back, and Janel is no exception. Janel’s organization Healing Through Hair provides educational assistance to women enrolled in Cosmetology programs in Trinidad and Tobago correctional facilities. She helps provide products and tools needed to help these women become stylists following their release from prison. Janel believes that investing in these women’s cosmetology skills will help them increase their confidence, earn money for their families, and hopefully deter them from returning to a life of crime by being productive members of society.
Janel is a talented leader, accomplished hair professional, and motivated humanitarian. She is a superb example of how successful stylists can make a positive impact on communities and the hair industry. Janel is on top of the hair game and is ready to continue riding the waves of her hair industry success.
Want to know more about Janel? Connect with her on social media @TheRealJanelSmith for hair care inspiration and tips. For more information or to inquire about bookings, speaking engagements, and consultations, contact 1 (877) 876-6263 or operations@jassproductline.com.