Janel Sealy Smith

 Hair Sculptor, Beauty Expert, Educator and Philanthropist


I've always been a stylist who wanted the best products for my clients to care for their hair. A product company reached out and invited me to their seminar, and after attending, I started to use and sell that product to my clients. 

One day, a client called me and said that her hair fell out at the crown because of the product. Shortly after that, I discovered a tar-like substance on some of my jewelry in a drawer where I had a bottle of their 'hair serum' stored. Although the company claimed to be using all-natural ingredients, it was clear that they were not.

Crying, I asked my mother. "Mom, what did you use on my hair when it was the most prosperous?" In her Grenadian accent, she answered, "Coconut oil, castor oil," and named some other natural essential oils.

It clicked in my mind right then to make sure my clients could keep their hair healthy and vibrant. I created a mix, added some natural fragrance, and started using it on my clients. In a short time, clients were requesting samples to take home. It dawned on me that I had developed a much-needed product to revitalize hair naturally, with no parabens, sulfates, or GMO ingredients. With these homemade generationally-passed remedies, JASS Products was born.

Our core values remain the same today. We deliver quality, natural products for hair that will revitalize, regrow, stop shedding, repel ingrown hairs and bumps for beards, and keep hair moisturized and manageable with maximum shine.